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Our agency has been offering good, old-fashioned personalised service to our clients since 1981. If you are looking for a Consultant who is passionate about travel with a focus on providing quality and outstanding service, then you have come to the right place.

We do everything a Travel Agent does PLUS: 

  • Mobile and can visit you (within an agreed mileage)

  • Research the best deals

  • Select the best wholesalers to suit your needs

  • Offer a very personalised service

  • As a Travelscene American Express agency, we are able to negotiate excellent rates and bonus offers to pass on to our clients.

We all dream about holidays, whether it be lazing on a beach, watching the ocean pass by on the deck of an ocean cruiseliner, trekking through Nepal, exploring the magical cities of Europe... we can make these dreams come true. Because our Consultants all have home-based offices, we have the flexibility of having out of normal hour appointments, by prior arrangement.

The other advantage of having a home office is our availability whilst you are away. If you happen to be overseas and need help, we are just a phone call away...!

We know the importance of obtaining value for money and working from home, we have the time to ensure you get it!

As well as individualised holidays, we also specialise in group travel, honeymoons... organising a 'Wedding Registry' for guests to pay into a fund for the bride and groom as their wedding gift.

Cruise In Style have sent dance troupes to Disneyland and now we look forward to our partnership with P & O to book Dance Troupes on Australian based cruises for performances on the high seas.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Happy Travelling

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